If you like playing around with your PC one of the first things you should do is backup the registry. If you start meddling and break something then you can easily restore it and get your PC working again. Here's how to do it with Windows 7.

Click start and type Regedit in the search box and press Enter

If you have UAC switched on you will see a confirmation box.To continue click Yes otherwsie click No

You will now see a Window open which is the Registry editor

2 (2).jpg

To backup the Registry click File -> Export

You will now be able to choose where to save the file to and the filename

2 (1).jpg

As we are backing up the whole Regsitry the All option is selected in the bottom left corner. All you need to do now is click Save and your regsitry will be saved to the location chosen earlier.

To backup part of the registry, known as a branch, right click on the name of the branch you wish to backup. In the example below I am backing up the HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG branch


Once you select Export from the menu you will see the same window as before, the difference this time is that the Selected Branch option will be chosen.


All you need to do now is choose the filename and location to save your backup to.​