Using this guide you can do a headless install for your Raspberry Pi, use this if you don't have a spare keyboard or HDMI cable.

1. Go here and download the latest version of the Raspberry Pi OS, the LITE version is fine to use


2. Write the image to your SD card, detailed instructions can be found here
3. Add a file called SSH to the boot partition of your Pi, this will enable SSH on the Pi. The file should just be called SSH with no file extension


4. Insert your SD in the Pi and attache a network cable and power
5. Find your Pi's IP address. To configure your Pi you will need the IP address to SSH to the device, you can find the IP address using your routers DHCP allocation settings.
6. Use your SSH client to connect to the Pi, the default login details are
Username - pi
Password - raspberry

7. Configure your Pi, use the following screen to configure the Pi to your liking