The Meet now feature in Windows 10 appears as an icon in the taskbar and includes link to Skype teleconferencing features. Following this guide will allow you to hide the Meet Now icon from the taskbar.

The icon normally shows in the taskbar notification are as you can see in the screenshot below


If you just want to hide the icon then right click on the icon and select Hide from the options that show, the icon will now be hidden and will only show again if you follow the instructions below


It is also possible to disable the Meet Now icon using the Windows 10 Settings app. Open the settings app by pressing Windows+i on your keyboard, in the search box start typing Taskbar Settings and select it when shows and click the Taskbar option.


Scroll down until you see Turn System Icons on or off


Once the Turn icons on or off page opens locate the Meet Now option and flip the switch next to it to turn it off


The icon will now no longer be displayed in the notification area. If you decide you want to turn it back on just reverse the above procedure.