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Windows 7 Projector Tricks in Windows 7

By Creaky · Oct 12, 2015 · Updated Oct 15, 2015 ·
  1. Creaky
    In older versions of Windows using an external projector with your laptop can be a difficult task. It seems like every laptop has a different function key combination to enable output for a projector. In Windows 7 that has finally been improved. Now, all you have to do is hit the Windows Key + P and the projector menu will be displayed.

    The on-screen display will allow you to:
    • Show Desktop only on Computer
    • Duplicate Desktop on Projector
    • Extend Desktop to Projector
    • Show Desktop only on projector
    If you don't like keyboard shortcuts you can also create a desktop or taskbar shortcut to the projector menu. To do that, create a shortcut to "C:\Windows\System32\DisplaySwitch.exe".
    Displayswitch.exe also has command line parameters that allow you to create a shortcut that will set a specific display mode.
    • /internal
    • /clone
    • /extend
    • /external
    If you wanted to create a shortcut that would turn off your external monitor then point a shortcut to "C:\windows\system32\displayswitch.exe /internal".

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