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Xenforo 1.x Style your Xenforo tag cloud

By Creaky · Jun 19, 2016 · Updated Jul 17, 2016 ·
  1. Creaky
    If you want to add some colour to your tag cloud then this is for you, basically your tag cloud will go from this


    to this.


    This is very easy to do using the individual tag class names such as tagCloudTag1, tagCloudTag2, up to tagCloudTag7, which is the highest one.

    Open the EXTRA.css template for your style and add the following, this is the CSS from this site.
    .tagCloud .tagCloudTag1 {
      color: rgb(192, 192, 192) !important;
    .tagCloud .tagCloudTag2 {
      color: rgb(160, 160, 160) !important;
    .tagCloud .tagCloudTag3 {
      color: rgb(102, 170, 102) !important;
    .tagCloud .tagCloudTag4 {
      color: rgb(51, 102, 51) !important;
    .tagCloud .tagCloudTag5 {
      color: #60c !important;
    .tagCloud .tagCloudTag6 {
      color: rgb(204, 102, 0) !important;
    .tagCloud .tagCloudTag7 {
      color: rgb(170, 0, 0) !important;

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