During the Build Developer's conference, we got to see and hear about Microsoft's next generation operating system, Windows 8. With the imminent release of the developer preview build, lets take a look at some tips and tricks for the new Start Screen.
  • Just start typing with a keyboard in the Start screen to quickly search and launch applications.[/*]
  • Find additional applications (e.g. accessories generally found in the Start menu) can be found in the application list by clicking on the Search charm.
  • New shell keyboard shortcuts:
    • WIN+Q for application search
    • WIN+W for settings search
    • WIN+F for files search
    • WIN+I for settings charm
    • WIN+O for rotation lock
    • WIN+C to bring up simple Start menu and time/date
  • Most old shell keyboard shortcuts also work: e.g. WIN+D activates desktop, WIN+R opens Run, WIN+L locks user. WIN+E opens Explorer.
  • In mouse mode, activate the options/charms by moving the mouse to the bottom left edge (where the Windows button used to be).
  • In mouse mode, right clicking activates in-app options.
  • With a keyboard, you can use the arrow keys and page up/down to select tiles. Enter launches them. The menu button (the key with a drop down) selects them.
  • Make sure to check the settings charm in applications to reveal app-specific settings.
  • Enable the high contrast mode in Control Panel > Ease of Access to see a dark themed Start screen (above)
Source : istartedsomething