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  1. Installing Heimdall on docker

    Installing Heimdall on docker

    This is a quick guide on how to install Heimdall as a docker container 1. Start up your SSH client and login to your docker system, I use Putty 2. Create a new file called docker-compose.yml 3. Paste the following code in to that document version: "2.1" services: heimdall: image...
  2. therat

    Do you own a website?

    Personally never used anything other than Google Adwords, don;t know the site you've linked to.
  3. Installing SNMP service on Proxmox

    Installing SNMP service on Proxmox

    This is a very quick and easy guide for installing the SNMP service on proxmox, this can be used to monitor your install with something like LibreNMS Install the service To install the service run the following command apt-get install snmpd Configure the service Start by making a backup of the...
  4. therat

    How to install docker on Ubuntu

    The following guide will allow you to install docker from the official repository 1. Update the local system using the command below sudo apt-get update 2. Download the required dependencies, this will allow your system to access the docker repositories over HTTPS. sudo apt-get install...
  5. How to start Powershell

    Windows 10 How to start Powershell

    Windows PowerShell is designed as a direct replacement for the old command prompt that you may already be familiar with. This may come as an unpleasant surprise to long-time users, but once you get used to PowerShell it is a pleasure to use and has some much more powerful scripting features...
  6. Free up Disk Space in Windows 10

    Windows 10 Free up Disk Space in Windows 10

    Windows 10 comes with a built-in tool that will scan your hard drive to find unnecessary/temporary files that can be safely deleted, with the aim of freeing up valuable disk space. If you're running low on space or want to give your PC a little tune up, it's a handy tool to use. To begin...
  7. therat

    Review by 'therat' in article 'Style your Xenforo tag cloud'

    Something I've been looking for recently
  8. therat

    Is it good to buy social media accounts ?

    Personally I would make the account's myself, never know what the bought one has been used for.
  9. therat

    Microsoft Surface keyboard and mouse suggest AIO Surface PC is on the way

    Rumors circling around were accurate: Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Surface event is taking place October 26. Expect to see the Surface keyboard and mouse to be unveiled, along with at least one all-in-one Surface-branded PC. There will also be plenty of announcements relating to Windows 10 and...
  10. therat

    iPhone 7 & iPhone 7+

    What are peoples thoughts on the iPhone 7 that has been released recently? I'm looking for a new phone so would like to hear what people think of the phones.
  11. How to Change Location where New Apps will Install and Save to in Windows 10

    Windows 10 How to Change Location where New Apps will Install and Save to in Windows 10

    Open the Settings app, and click/tap on the System icon. Click/tap on Storage on the left side. On the right side under Save locations, select the drive you want New apps will save to. (see screenshot below) When finished, you can close Settings if you like