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  1. Creaky


    Anyone use docker for anything. If you are what do you use it for? I've recently started playing with it and it works very well, very easy to setup.
  2. Creaky

    Mobile networks contract changes in the UK

    UK mobile users can now switch networks with a simple text. It’s good news for tech fans, as it will now be a whole lot easier to change your mobile phone contract. Currently, if you want to switch to a new provider it may be necessary to go through the long process of calling up your...
  3. Creaky

    Google announces the first Android Q beta, available for all Pixel phones

    Google today released the first beta of Android Q, its next feature update for Android. The initial builds will be available for all generations of the Pixel phone, which is good news. Last year, Google stopped supporting the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, and Pixel C, so you might have suspected that the...
  4. Creaky

    A few site updates

    The software that runs the site, Xenforo, has been updated to the latest version which is 2.1, this brings some enhancements to the software. Push Notifications Using a supported device you will see some thing like this You will be able to opt out of push notifications the same way you can...
  5. Creaky

    New Alien game coming to iOS and Android this year

    Amanda Ripley will be coming back as the protagonist in a new entry in the Alien series following her role in Alien: Isolation. However, Alien: Blackout will be coming out on Android and iOS marking the first new game in the series to be released on mobile devices (Alien vs. Predator was a port...
  6. Creaky

    LG announces the worlds first rollable OLED TV

    LG made a few announcements prior to the start of CES 2019, but few of those are quite as unique as its Signature OLED TV announced today. The LG Signature OLED TV R (65R9) is the world's first rollable OLED TV that can be hidden away or pulled up as necessary. The TV seems to come in a single...
  7. Creaky

    New 3D renders show off Huawei's upcoming P30 flagship

    Courtesy of @OnLeaks, we now have our first look at what Huawei's upcoming P30 series of flagships will look like. The 3D renders unveiled by the leaker, alongside an accompanying video, indicate that the phones will retain a triple-camera setup similar to the current generation. They will also...
  8. Creaky

    Microsoft's new patent imagines a magnetic USB-C port for future Surface devices

    Microsoft’s Surface line of devices hasn’t been the quickest to adopt USB-C in comparison to other OEMs that manufacture premium PCs. While devices like the Surface Book 2, Surface Go and the Surface Studio 2 debuted with the universal port, they serve different purposes on each device and still...
  9. Creaky

    Started flying drones

    I have recently started to fly drones, currently got a DJI Mavic Pro. Have to say it is great fun, if you can get one. This is my first attempt at a video shot using the drone, hopefully many more to come. Let me know what you think.
  10. Creaky

    Microsoft is alerting Chrome and Firefox users that Edge is the 'safer' option

    Remember those intrusive notifications reported back in August that alerted you Google Chrome is draining your battery faster than Edge? Well, they're back. This time Microsoft is using Edge to grab attention from users who choose alternative browsers, promoting Edge as the 'safer' option. In...
  11. Creaky

    Microsoft Edge and IE11 to block websites using SHA-1 certificates next year

    SHA-1 is a hashing algorithm that has been used extensively since it was published in 1995, however, it is no longer considered secure. It was deemed vulnerable to attacks from well-funded adversaries back in 2005 and was replaced by SHA-2 and SHA-3 which are considerably more secure hashing...
  12. Creaky

    Microsoft's Lumia 950 XL flagship is again available for £299.99 in the UK

    Last month, Microsoft reduced the cost of the Lumia 950 and 950 XL in the UK, its third permanent price cut on the two Windows 10 Mobile flagships this year. Its range-topping 950 XL dropped in price by 15%, falling to £339; given that the device was originally listed at £549.99 a year ago, that...
  13. Creaky

    Google Announces Their New VR Headset Daydream View

    Google announced the Daydream view VR headset to be released this November. The unit is much lighter than competitive devices, by 30% to be precise and is covered in microfiber cloth. You can pick this bad boy up for $79 when it releases in November and is compatible with Samsung Galaxy and...
  14. Creaky

    The Galaxy Note 7 is dead

    Samsung has announced it's ending production of the Galaxy Note 7 around the world, pulling the plug on the phone after a months-long controversy over its defective, dangerous batteries. "Taking our customer’s safety as our highest priority, we have decided to halt sales and production of the...
  15. Creaky

    iOS 10 adoption rate surges past 50 percent in less than a month

    More than half of Apple’s iDevices are now running the latest version of iOS according to official data from Apple. On its developer support website, Apple notes that 54 percent of devices that have accessed the App Store as of October 7 were using iOS 10. That’s an impressive accomplishment...
  16. Creaky

    Sharp showcases concept smartphone with gorgeous rounded, bezel-less display

    Sharp at the CEATECH 2016 trade show in Japan this week unveiled an intriguing smartphone it’s calling the Corner R. The handset’s internal hardware specs are irrelevant – it’s the display that has the Internet talking today. The Corner R features a 5.2-inch full HD IGZO LCD that utilizes...
  17. Creaky

    Google Pixel

    Google have now officially announced the Google Pixel & Pixel Xl mobile phones. Do you think this a good move to retire the Nexus brand and replace it with Pixel. What do you think of the new brand name and more importantly what do you think of the phone. Do you plan on getting one?
  18. Creaky

    Samsung kept quiet about a new replacement Galaxy Note7 exploding

    It is not even surprising anymore that the Galaxy Note7 fiasco has been a nightmare for Samsung. After issuing a voluntary recall over the past month regarding the new flagship handset, the Korean tech giant sent out replacement units to those who were affected. However, it seems that the new...
  19. Creaky

    The Elephone U-Disk is a biometrically encrypted USB flash drive with a fingerprint reader

    Elephone has been making smartphones for some time, but has also recently started expanding its product lineup. One of its more recent announcements is the Elephone U-Disk: a USB flash drive with a full-sized fingerprint reader on the body of the device. The file system will apparently be split...
  20. Creaky

    Windows 10 Will Get Two Big Updates in 2017

    The last week has been a big one for Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system. The OS officially turned one year old, bringing an end to the free upgrade period for Windows 7 and 8 users, and shortly after Microsoft began rolling out the highly anticipated Anniversary Update, which introduces a...