1. Creaky

    Google announces the first Android Q beta, available for all Pixel phones

    Google today released the first beta of Android Q, its next feature update for Android. The initial builds will be available for all generations of the Pixel phone, which is good news. Last year, Google stopped supporting the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, and Pixel C, so you might have suspected that the...
  2. Creaky

    New Alien game coming to iOS and Android this year

    Amanda Ripley will be coming back as the protagonist in a new entry in the Alien series following her role in Alien: Isolation. However, Alien: Blackout will be coming out on Android and iOS marking the first new game in the series to be released on mobile devices (Alien vs. Predator was a port...
  3. Creaky

    Google Pixel

    Google have now officially announced the Google Pixel & Pixel Xl mobile phones. Do you think this a good move to retire the Nexus brand and replace it with Pixel. What do you think of the new brand name and more importantly what do you think of the phone. Do you plan on getting one?