1. Creaky

    How To Selectively Disable Internet Explorer 7 Add-ons

    Internet Explorer 7, along with most browsers, work with other software programs that provide features in the browser like video viewing, photo editing, etc. These programs, called add-ons, are very small and work very closely with IE. Sometimes add-ons can cause problems that prevent Internet...
  2. Creaky

    Diasble auto reboot after BSOD

    The easiest way is to switch off the automatic reboot option which forces the blue screen to stay visible. 1. Click Start 2. Right click on the Computer entry, this will show the System Properties screen 3. Click Advanced System Settings 4. The advanced tab will already be selected so click on...
  3. Creaky

    How to Enable or Disable Require Password on Wakeup in Windows 7

    1. Open the Power Options Advanced Plan Settings. 2. Click on the Change settings that are currently unavailable link. 3. If prompted by UAC, then click on Yes. 4. To Disable Require Password on Wakeup A) Change the Require a password on wakeup setting to NO , and click on OK. 5. To Enable...