1. Creaky

    Microsoft is alerting Chrome and Firefox users that Edge is the 'safer' option

    Remember those intrusive notifications reported back in August that alerted you Google Chrome is draining your battery faster than Edge? Well, they're back. This time Microsoft is using Edge to grab attention from users who choose alternative browsers, promoting Edge as the 'safer' option. In...
  2. Creaky

    Microsoft Edge and IE11 to block websites using SHA-1 certificates next year

    SHA-1 is a hashing algorithm that has been used extensively since it was published in 1995, however, it is no longer considered secure. It was deemed vulnerable to attacks from well-funded adversaries back in 2005 and was replaced by SHA-2 and SHA-3 which are considerably more secure hashing...
  3. Firefox Memory Usage and how to reduce it

    Firefox Memory Usage and how to reduce it

    Some people might complain that Firefox is a memory hog, especially over a long period of time it consumes large amount of your system memory. When this happen the most quick and easy way everyone is trying to do is close the browser and restart again. True, that might just solve your issue, but...