1. Creaky

    Mobile networks contract changes in the UK

    UK mobile users can now switch networks with a simple text. It’s good news for tech fans, as it will now be a whole lot easier to change your mobile phone contract. Currently, if you want to switch to a new provider it may be necessary to go through the long process of calling up your...
  2. Creaky

    Microsoft confirms 64-bit version of Windows 10 Mobile is on the way

    The version of Windows 10 Mobile available today is 32-bit, but Microsoft quietly confirmed today that a 64-bit version is in development for its smartphones - and we may not have to wait too much longer for its arrival. The information was revealed in a feature that Microsoft published today...
  3. Creaky

    HP's new Windows 10 Mobile phone, codename 'Falcon', expected to launch as the Elite x3

    Back in December, a Windows 10 Mobile device was spotted on a benchmarking site, identifying itself as the 'HP Falcon'. Some additional details emerged later that month, suggesting that HP would be targeting the device at business buyers - much the same as VAIO's new Windows 10 Mobile handset...