windows 8

  1. Creaky

    Windows 8 Change Ugly Guy background login for Windows 8

    Seems every body is having major problems telling how to change the Ugly Guy, I have found 5 different ways an none of them worked. The "ugly guy" image is stored as a resource inside %WinDir%\System32\AuthExt.dll. Thus, in order to change the picture, a resource editor such as Resource Hacker...
  2. Creaky

    Windows 8 Windows 8 101: tips & tricks for new Start experience

    During the Build Developer's conference, we got to see and hear about Microsoft's next generation operating system, Windows 8. With the imminent release of the developer preview build, lets take a look at some tips and tricks for the new Start Screen. Just start typing with a keyboard in the...
  3. Creaky

    Windows 8 Re-enable the classic start menu in Windows 8

    Many people are upset at the new look and feel of the start menu. Well fear not, the follow tweak will re-enable the classic start menu that we all have come to love. To get back the old start menu, open regedit, goto Change the value of RPEnabled from "1" to "0" Close regedit, you get your...
  4. Creaky

    How to access touch screen charms without a touch screen device in Windows 8

    If you have been using the Windows Developer Preview, you would have noticed that accessing the charms bar when using a mouse can only be done by using the mouse-specific menu. This new shortcut will bring back the touch-screen charms menu, for use with the mouse! You can access the touchscreen...
  5. Creaky

    How to Delete Wireless Profiles in Windows 8

    Missing in Windows 8 is the ability to view and delete all wireless profiles from your PC. For some unknown reason Microsoft removed that feature which is very problematic if you ever need to edit a saved profile or delete one. I recently had an issue with a wireless access point that had a...