4G TV interference: Up to a million homes 'need filters'


Almost a million UK homes will need to have filters installed to prevent TV interference from 4G mobile signals - at a cost of £108m.

A smaller number of homes - about 10,000 - will need to switch to satellite or cable TV services in order to avoid degraded picture quality. Homes that cannot receive these alternative platforms will receive up to £10,000 each to "find a solution". Costs will be met by the winner of a spectrum auction later this year.

Consultations are currently being held into how spectrum - which is used by analogue television - will be offered to mobile operators once airwaves are freed up by the switch to digital. These airwaves are crucial to mobile operators to create next-generation mobile services.

The winning bidder, or bidders, will be required to pay for the costs of making sure viewers of digital terrestrial television (DTT) will not be affected by the changes.

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