Anybody still using iPod Touch?


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Back in the time, when many of my friends used to have iPod Touch, it was a sign of pride for them.
This was the scene like 4 years back or something like that!

Now, how many of you use this gadget to listen to music or entertain yourself?


I still have a 1st generation touch, got it connected in my car s it gets used everyday. For walking around music I use my phone.


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I never had one, but depending on your age, four years ago, that may have been the best they were going to do in relation to having something similar to the iPhone.


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I still have my iPod touch, I have had the 1st gen, which I gave to my brother to fiddle with when I finally obtained a 2nd gen. one for free. Lucky me! ^__^

I use it to quick access some online information. I keep different apps on the iPod touch than I do the iPad. I pretty much have strictly gone to using these devices for app purposes only, rather than waste my storage space with adding music, although I added some music my iPod touch since getting the iPad.
One of my most frequent uses is checking Twitter and Facebook, because I don't like social media sites all that much and can't be bothered to use them on the computer, so only mobile devices it is.

The other main use for my iPod touch is a fairly decent quick and dirty camera at the ready. I can also post to websites or email pictures pretty reliably and rapidly from there. So I use it to update blogs and Tumblr on occasion as I come across things. It's also a way I keep track of notes and checklists. I love the OneNote function there, which is finally available for iPad! (About time) But the smaller iPod touch is better for quick notes and using as a checklist on shopping trips.

Last but not least, I use my iPod touch to messaging, on AIM and through the Apple services (that reminds me of the Blackberry instant messenger) since I have a couple of close friends who also own iPhones. Again, a more reliable way to send picture messages inside a building since my cell phone signal tends to struggle....