Apple announces iMovie and GarageBand for iPad


At its iPad 2 announcement event, Apple has announced the release of a port of its iMovie and GarageBand applications to the iPad. Featuring brand new interfaces optimised for a larger screen, the new versions are set to take advantage of the large screen size and touchscreen capabilities to provide a new way of working with user-created content.

iMovie will include features expected from the Mac version, such as precision editing, multitrack audio recording, and themes. iMovie will include over 50 sound effects, and users can also record their own audio. Projects are laid out in a stylised movie theatre setting, providing snapshots of projects in front of a brick wall backdrop.

Movies can be played on the iPad screen, beamed over to an Apple TV via AirPlay, or users can share them with a variety of options including YouTube, Vimeo, or sync back to iTunes. The unfinished project can also be exported to iTunes for later work from a Mac. The app will be a Universal app, meaning users will pay one price to use the app on their iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

GarageBand is a new addition for the iOS platform. It features 8 tracks of recording and mixing, as well as over 250 loops to be used in projects. Projects are compatible with the Mac version. Musicians can use on-screen instruments or plug in a physical guitar, and GarageBand uses some features impossible in the Mac version to enhance the feel of virtual instruments. For example, to detect a harder hit of the piano key, GarageBand uses the acellerometer to detect the force of the hit.

Smart Instruments will allow unskilled players to learn the basics. In the demonstration, a "smart" guitar highlighted compatible chords so players could strum straight down the screen. Apple describes the feature as ensuring that players "can't play a bad note."

iMovie and GarageBand will both cost $4.99 and will be out March 11th.


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Yes, I am going to spend about 2 hours in the Apple Store looking at the iPad 2. :lol:

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