Apple braces the world for unforgettable iTunes announcement


Apple is notorious for stirring up excitement for even the smallest of announcements. However, they're less known for boasting it on the front page of their website, unless, perhaps, it's really something big. Today, if you visit Apple's homepage, you'll be greeted with the nice little teaser seen above.

So, what could it possibly be? Engadget hypothesizes the possibility of an all streaming subscription service, more video content, Apple TV apps, or even the addition of the Beatles collection. But maybe, this could end up being the start of Apple's foray into the world of a cloud-based iTunes, much like what Google showed off at its I/O developer conference this year.

Many users wonder why Apple feels the need to force its users into plugging their iDevices into their computers when they want to sync up their content. Why can't everything be managed through the cloud, from any computer with a browser? Should this be tomorrow's announcement, it seems strange that they aren't hosting it in a giant press-attended forum. I guess we'll know soon enough. Better be safe and keep 7AM PST open. It looks like the clocks on Apple's website point to that as the tomorrow's announcement time.

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