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therat said:
Dint have one, jus looks like an overgrown iPhone.
Sorry, but it is more than that. It is it's own category. The iPad brings a lot more to the table then you think. Which it's large display you really can't miss a thing. You thought that the iPod Touch, and iPhone is the best right now, well the iPad just brings way more.

With the A4 chip, the iPad runs 'massive' applications a lot faster and more efficient. Which is a big plus.

On that note; Playing HD movies is just awesome. The retina display and the LED back-lit screen just makes the color more vibrant and more awesome!

I think it is one of the best hand-held devices to date.


Graphic Designer
techmagnet said:
Finally, the Apple iPad review. The name iPad is a killing word -- more than a product -- it's a statement, an idea, and potentially a prime mover in the world of consumer electronics. Before iPad it was called the Apple Tablet, the Slate, Canvas, and a handful of other guesses -- but what was little more than rumor and speculation for nearly ten years is now very much a reality. Announced on January 27th to a middling response, Apple has been readying itself for what could be the most significant product launch in its history; the making (or breaking) of an entirely new class of computer for the company. The iPad is something in between its monumental iPhone and wildly successful MacBook line -- a usurper to the netbook throne, and possibly a sign of things to come for the entire personal computer market... if Apple delivers on its promises. And those are some big promises; the company has been tossing around words like "magical" and "revolutionary" to describe what many have dismissed as nothing more than a larger version of its iPod touch. But is that all there is to this device? Is the hope that Apple promises for this new computing experience nothing more than marketing fluff and strategic hyperbole? Or is this a different beast altogether -- a true sign that change has come to the world of the PC? We have the definitive answers to those questions (and many more) right here, so read on for our full review of the Apple iPad!

Copy and paste? lol.

If not where is this review? lol.

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