Apple keeps your conversations with Siri for two years


Apple today announced that data from conversations with Siri and voice dictation are kept on their servers for two years. The announcement arrives after one civil liberties group suggested the Californian company aren't active enough in informing customers of privacy rights.

Exactly what Apple's voice assistant uses the collected data for isn't clear, but the company did confirm that users' questions can be kept for up to two years. Siri, which requires a constant Internet connection to function, sends queries directly to Apple's servers before users receive a response from the recognisable robotic voice.

Whenever you speak to Siri, the data is shipped off to Apple's data farm for analysis. The company generates random numbers which represent the user's device from which the data was sent from, and associates all subsequent audio files with the generated number. After six months, your user number is "disassociated" from the stored file, however the disassociated files are kept on Apple's servers for up to a further eighteen months.
Source: Neowin


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Its not good news for people who are serious about privacy. Till date we all believe in Apple as security master but still privacy is affected by this act of Apple.