Apple reportedly prepping new connection technology


Apple is reportedly preparing to announce a new high-speed connection technology, CNET reports today.

CNET claims a "source" has confirmed the Cupertino-based company will soon announce a new connection technology which is faster than the USB 3.0 specifications and could potentially utilise Intel's Light Peak technology, which allows manufacturers to use the one connection for every item which connects to a computer, be it a printer, mouse, display, keyboard or external hard drives.

"An announcement from Apple is expected soon about a new high-speed connection technology," CNET reporter Brooke Crothers wrote.

"Apple is expected to adopt this technology in the near future--but likely use a name other than Light Peak, a source familiar with this aspect of Apple's plans said."

Intel first demonstrated the technology in the middle of last year, where the company showed two computers running Mac OS X playing a 1080p video while also transferring files. While many were left impressed, others felt Light Peak may have less of an impact than before with USB 3.0 beating it onto the market.

At the time, rumours were rife that Apple may debut the technology in early 2011, with speculation the company may be working closely with Intel to be a launch partner of the product alongside Sony, who've also displayed a high interest in the technology.

If CNET's report is accurate, Apple may even include support for the Light Peak technology in the upcoming update to their operating system, dubbed OS X "Lion" which is due out later this year. A revamped Macbook Pro range that may also have support for the technology is also expected to debut soon, possibly as soon as next week.


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