Apple Stores to phase out physical software media


Digital distribution methods of software are slowly but surely becoming the future in how programs will be purchased. Many people probably can't even remember the last time they used a CD or DVD when it wasn't for a driver or operating system. Steam revolutionized this digital method with games, allowing users to simply click to buy and download games without the need of any physical media. Apple recently introduced the Mac App Store in hope of bringing the idea of the mobile App Store to computers, and has seen promising results.

With the success of digital distribution methods and from sources, MacRumors reports that Apple is currently working on eliminating boxed software from their stores and focusing application purchases through the Mac App Store. This is a move that makes sense, as physical copies take up a bit of space in the store, which if done digitally would allow for more floor space.

Apple displayed plans for offering a "Personal Setup for Mac" which specifically mention having an associate walk the customer through the Mac App Store in addition to configuring other parts of the system. Making a move to digital means of commerce might have come sooner than expected, but Apple feels this is the future and also likes the fact that they can now display more hardware or higher-selling items in the previously occupied space.

This does however seem to be a strictly consumer experience as Microsoft Office, Adobe's Creative Suite, and Apple's own Final Cut Studio and Xsan are not available as of now in the Mac App Store. Perhaps later on we will see these professional titles making an appearance, but as of now there are no plans to include such applications.

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