Apple's Magic Mouse may include multitouch display in future


It seems that Apple may be keen on bringing the user experience of the multitouch display from the iPad & iPhone and put it inside the Magic Mouse, in a new patent application which apple has filed to the US Patent and trademark Office and dug up by [ur=][/url]. The new mouse would be able to display information and allow users to input directly from the mouse such a number keypad, when using applications such as calculator. The screen would then change to a different functionality for each application when they're switched between active and non-active if the application's developer was to support it.

Apple puts in summary that "While sophisticated devices such as the iPhone provide significant information to a user regarding use of the device as a controller. For more common and basic input devices, such as keyboards, mice, trackpads, tablets, etc., functionality available through the input device is not usually conveyed through the input device, but, if at all, through the user interface on the system to which inputs are provided. As a result, it is not always apparent to the user which input should be used to access particular application functions."

Though that this may be the first time we may see a mouse that could possibly feature a multitouch display we have seen keyboards such as the Asus EE Keyboard that was released last year which is full keyboard that features a 5" touch display on the right hand side.



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Re: Apple's Magic Mouse may include multitouch display in fu

Hmm. I don't know how this will work. But it looks nice.

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