Batman: Arkham City coming Fall 2011


The new cover for Game Informer magazine has been revealed and with it comes the announcement that the much anticipated sequel to last years Batman: Arkham Asylum will be released fall of next year.

Furthermore, the game has got an official title, Batman: Arkham City, with the game launching on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. According to Joystiq, there were many domain registrations made a little while ago that hinted towards many possible titles for the Batman game, one of which was the above title.

The game is being set inside “Arkham City,” a mini-city within Gotham City that is going to be a “Heavily Fortified” section overrun with the thugs and classic bad guys of the Batman universe.

If the covers are anything to believe, the game is looking to be an even more brutal game with Batman showing some blood stains. Also, information has been revealed about two classic enemies being in the game, with two-face seen on the poster in the background and Catwoman being confirmed via the cover. However, the interaction between Catwoman and Batman on the covers looks like it may be a friendly relationship as opposed to an aggressive one.

The official Batman: Arkham City website is up now, though it only displays the first trailer from the VGAs at the moment.

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