Bing is launching something ‘very exciting’ soon


Microsoft’s UK Bing team is hinting at a ‘very exciting’ launch soon.

“Bing UK is about to launch something very exciting. Can you guess what it is?” asks the software giant. Bing UK has posted four clues so far involving a vuvulezla, chimney stack, dogs tail and a rainbow. It’s not clear from the clues exactly what Microsoft is planning to announce. Some speculate it could be Bing Entertainment in the UK whilst others believe that Microsoft’s use of the Twitter hashtag #beautifulbing means it’s something visual.

Michael Gillett, a Microsoft Student Partner, speculates that the announcement could be tied to Bing HTML5 features. “The “BeautifulBing” hash tag sounds a lot like the “a more beautiful web” catchphrase of the Internet Explorer 9 beta. Therefore this has got me thinking that the announcement could actually be that Bing will have new HTML5 capabilities and features soon,” writes Gillett. WinRumors understands that the launch is likely to be marketing related for Bing in the UK.

Microsoft wants people to guess by posting on their Facebook page or by using the Twitter hashtag #BeautifulBing in any Twitter discussions. WinRumors has asked Microsoft for comment on when the new feature will be unveiled but a company spokesperson said “I’m afraid you will have to wait and see what will be revealed.” Can you guess what it is from this image?


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