Change of theme


You may have noticed I have changed the theme on the site. Although the old theme was custom made by myself it had a few issues and I don't have time to resolve the issues.

I therefore decided to buy a pre-made skin and make some minor customisations to it which is what you see here now, I also have a new front page in development but will not be live for a while.

A couple of features on the new skin are

Customizable topic view
Users can choose whether to use a simple layout for the topic view (no user info or signatures), or stick with the traditional layout. This is controlled by a small icon at the top left of the topic.

Tooltips for descriptions
Forum descriptions are placed inside animated tooltips on the board index, this results in a cleaner layout.

Collapsible search box
To reduce clutter, the search box is hidden by default and can be activated by clicking the Search icon at the top right corner of the design.

As usual if you find any problems please let me know.


New Member
The theme looks great, but it confused me a little bit at first. I'm getting used to it, though. Gotta dig the new features.


New Member
I like the new look you're sporting here. But it does take getting used to. I had become REALLY comfortable with teh look you had before. But that's just a minor thing, I'll get used to it lol

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