Couple of small updates


I have made a couple of small updates as below, there have also been a couple of bug fixes that wont affect the end user.

  1. [*:2box4733] Merged the Portable & Mobile forums in to one, they both contained very similar topics
    [*:2box4733] Renamed the gaming forums. Instead of Sony Console it is now simply Sony, this has been done with all the forums. As they now all have multiple gaming platforms I felt this was needed.
Lastly I have been considering converting the forum over to use Invision Power Board, I have been testing their new upcoming version and really like it. This wont happen for a while as it's not been released yet but I wanted to get members thought's on it. Let me know what you think of the idea.


Just waiting for them to release 3.2 then I'll begin the conversion. Also looking in to a custom style.

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