Dell expects Microsoft to sell a "relatively small" amount of Surface tablets


During Dell's 2nd quarter earnings conference call, CEO Michael Dell was quoted saying Microsoft would sell a "relatively small" amount of Windows 8 Surface tablets. In fact, according to Dell, the Surface will account up to a whopping 2 percent of PC sales for next year!

"I think there's an understanding of the number of units that they're likely to sell is a relatively small percentage. Maybe in the 1 [percent] to 2 percent range of total PC units during next year," Michael Dell stated. Dell CFO Brian Gladden maintained a positive note when it came to Windows 8, however, stating that Windows 8 would bring forth new opportunities for the company. "At the same time they've announced the Surface product that will be in that space and we'll have products in there. I think you'll see a diverse set of offerings that take advantage of what Windows 8 brings to market," Gladden added. Dell continues to tout its own product lineup claiming that new Windows 8 ultra-books and tablets will position the company as a leader in the BYOD trend. "We're positioned to be a leader in addressing the emerging BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend with...our upcoming tablets and converged devices. You'll see new Windows 8 ultrabooks, all-in-ones, tablets, converged devices in the fourth quarter and headed into next year," Gladden stated.

Source: CNET News

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