ESRB looks towards automated rating system


The Entertainment Software Ratings Board, founded in 1994 to monitor the contents of videogames, is beginning to look towards computers in order to increase the board's overall efficiency. Having graded over 1,600 games during 2010 alone, the ESRB is well known among retailers and customers alike for the ratings it assigns to different games. Currently, the process of rating a game relies mainly upon members of the ESRB viewing a collection of the most offensive or graphic scenes from the game they intend to rate. Based upon what the candidates see, they assign a rating to the game. While this system does work, another problem has arisen for the Entertainment Software Ratings Board: how can they effectively monitor downloadable titles, such as those on the Playstation Store, WiiWare, and the Xbox Live Arcade?


Graphic Designer
Hmm. I think ESRB is a great company when it comes to rating games. Though I agree about online games. How would they be able to rate those kinds of games. We are entering a world of digital games. ESRB should have been on the boat with us a long time ago.

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