Favorite video player


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What's your favorite media player for videos? I use VLC to watch movies and TV series in my PC, as I can easily add/remove and synchronize subtitles. For my tablet and mu phone I use MX Video Player - hands down THE best player for Android!


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Honestly, it's hard to top VLC Player.

That one player made it possible to play almost any format without having to constantly download updates or have an extensive need for codecs.


My phone is Android so plays most flash videos fine, for the iPad I just use the built in YouTube app.


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With the support to Blu ray movies, VLC is indeed my favorite video player!

Windows Media Player in Windows 7 is satisfactory, but not as awesome as VLC!


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Before I started using VLC... It was always issue to play different type of videos in previous players.

Those old players were needed codecs for rendering video formats... And that was very troubling.

Thanks VLC for the great one stop solutions.

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