Google Announces Their New VR Headset Daydream View



Google announced the Daydream view VR headset to be released this November. The unit is much lighter than competitive devices, by 30% to be precise and is covered in microfiber cloth. You can pick this bad boy up for $79 when it releases in November and is compatible with Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Note devices. The VR headset also works with Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL smartphones. Daydream View is able to connect wirelessly to compatible phones and features a latch for you to open and close while placing your phone in.

The latch also holds a controller for the daydream view that has 2 buttons and a nifty touch pad. It seems part of the effort in creating the new VR headset involved making it extremely comfortable most likely due to the microfibers and material used to make it.

The headset will first be released in the slate color you see above. Later this year they plan on releasing a Snow and Crimson color. Daydream View will be the first VR headset to run on Google's Android VR Platform as was announced by the company in May, possibly leaving room for other VR headets in the future? Who knows but this sounds appealing to the average consumer who spends the majority of their time with the regular old touch pad.

The director of VR partnerships with Google showcased a small game that will become available exclusively to the Day Dream view that is based on Warner Bros new Harry Potter movie releasing, "Fantastic Beasts, and Where To Find Them". Interesting about this is exactly what you can expect, the player is the wizard and the unique controller described above becomes their wand. I can only fathom how fun this would be for users to play around with.

Also in the line of things to come for the VR system is a constellation and solar system viewer that will allow users to explore the galaxy. As well as this there are 2 CCP games scheduled to release called Gunjack 2 and End of Shift. Gunjack 2 is the sequel to Gunjack that's currently already available for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Gear VR and is scheduled to release next month along with the Daydream VR and exclusive to the Daydream platform.

Google also plans to have an entire library of apps for the device including plans to work with companies like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO in order to bring streaming content to you so you can watch your favorite shows. This is pretty unique considering most everyone is used to only watching it on their TV. Now they can watch their movies and shows in more thrilling way that only the world of virtual reality can really give you.

Those who order Pixel and Pixel XL phones will receive a Daydream VR headset absolutely free of charge.