Google TV to get more Google Play support


Google TV devices will soon be able to access more of content available on the Google Play store. In a new post on the official Google TV blog, the company announced that sometime later this summer, Google TV will add the ability to download and stream movies, TV shows and music from the Google Play storefront.

Google states on the blog page:
Google Play works across devices, so you can rent and start watching a movie on your Google TV, keep watching on your tablet on the move, and finish watching on Google TV. The TV & Movies app will also show Google Play content, adding to the more than 100,000 TV episodes and movies available in the app.

The blog also mentions that Google TV will be a part of the previously announced new TV set-top boxes that were announced earlier this week from Sony and Vizio. Google also claims that "more partners and products are on the way."

Google TV has struggled to gain traction since it was first released in 2010. In 2011, the company released a major update, called Google TV 2.0, in October 2011. That update added support for downloading Android-based apps.

Source: Google TV blog