How Employers Really Feel About Social Media


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There’s been plenty of talk about how social media has become a successful vehicle for recruiters and job seekers alike, but what about employers?

According to this infographic, researched and developed by PayScale, the higher-ups are really not too keen on the social media movement at large, especially when it involves giving social media freedom to employees within the company. And the fear of negative information keeps employers running for a tight leash. Only half of companies have a formal social media policy, and 42% of companies surveyed nix all forms of social media activity at work. In the employers’ eyes, social media should be exclusively reserved for carefully managed brand promotion and professionally handled social recruiting.


What about you, do you use any social sites while you're at work? How does your boss feel about that?


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I think social media is getting a little out of control. You can go to most job search sites and it says apply with linkedin or facebook. I don't understand why someone would want to log in to apply at any place dealing with employment with their facebook account. I would'nt even use facebook at work even though I have nothing to hide. We have people who monitor everything that we do on the network.