How often do you upgrade


The only time I upgraded was when I first bought it ;). I'm hardly a gamer though. I have a couple that I play every now and then,but I have more fun in photoshop and playing with phpbb.


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Sadly my computer had a faulty motherboard. Therefore, I can no longer play CounterStrike, or upgrade. I am using a crappy DELL. :(


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I have never really worried about it since currently I'm sharing a computer with my mother.
I am working on building my own and I'll probably upgrade every so often.

I had an XP desktop for yeeears then finally upgraded to a Windows 7 desktop.
We've had this at least 3 years.


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At the end of last year I upgraded my machine for the first time with a new power supply, new GTX 560 and a new 24" monitor.

I don't count peripheral upgrades like mice and keyboards.

I see no point in upgrading unless you're getting rid of a bottleneck like a slow hard drive or if your machine literally cannot run newer games.


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I havent made an upgrade in 3 years, and my PC is starting to show its age. Running some games such as Portal 2 is fine, but other entries such as NFS: Hot Pursuit is a bit of a joke. On average i used to upgrade my PC every 2 years. I have just been a bit busy with life these days.

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