How to install Linux?


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I have sometimes thought about going back to Linux. The first time I used it, it was already installed on the computer. From what I remember it was really basic, but that's not a problem for the use I have of that computer..

Now, I wonder, how do I do to install Linux on my computer? Where can I download it safely? And after I download it, how do I install it?



Really depends which version you want, I tend to use Ubuntu available from here

As you can see they provide a windows installer, can be installed the same as any other windows programme. You can either dual boot, both OS's on one machine, or overwrite windows with Ubuntu.

Alternatively you can run a live cd, basically running Ubuntu from a cd where nothing gets installed on your pc.


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I guess installing ubuntu is sometimes an easy job than redhat!

The disk druid troubles you a lot, but with the advantages of efficient installer in ubuntu, you can get your installation done in very less amount of time!

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