Introducing vBulletin Mobile 2.0 for Android


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<p>We're proud to announce vBulletin Mobile 2.0 for Android devices. The vBulletin Mobile App for Android has been completely reworked with a new modern interface. In addition to this, several changes have been made to the vBulletin Web API to allow for a smoother user experience overall.</p>
<p>Minimum Android version: 5.0</p>
<h2>Infinite Scrolling</h2>
<p>When using the Activity Stream, the app will automatically load the next page of activity when you scroll to the bottom. This will allow quicker access to content on your site.</p>
<h2>Privacy Support</h2>
<p>The app will support the Privacy Options in vBulletin Connect 5.4.3 and higher. This will allow you to comply with a number of different Privacy Laws. When Privacy is configured in your vBulletin AdminCP, the app will adapt and provide the appropriate UI so that users can provide consent.</p>
<h2>Updated UI with Material Design</h2>
<p>The UI of the Mobile App for Android has been updated to use Google's Material theme design.</p>
<p>More screenshots can be seen in the Photo Gallery below.</p>
<h2>Additional Issues Resolved</h2>
<li>vB4: App crashes while loading forum's thread list</li>
<li>vB4: App crashes while loading Articles</li>
<li>App crashes when attempting to load Messages page</li>
<li>Registration page shows &quot;Connecting&quot; forever</li>
<li>App crashes when select to list popular Articles</li>
<li>Can't open activity (instance of Article within public_preview) in Activity Stream</li>
<li>Articles images are distorted</li>
<li>Blog: Can not type the first comment</li>
<li>Blog publish status option issues</li>
<li>Support ads in Android 2.0</li>
<li>Support custom logo in Login screen</li>
<li>Blog &amp; Article comments list should show flag option</li>
<li>Article &amp; Blogs: Click on the avatar of a comment crashes the app</li>
<li>Forum Posts, Article &amp; Blog contents should use &quot;text_body&quot; color</li>
<li>Reopen app after a few days crashes it</li>
<li>Broken compose button on Forum list view (Forum home)</li>
<li>vB4: Calendar shouldn't be available in the menu</li>
<li>vB4: Needs to add Photo Albums &amp; Friends</li>
<li>Guest users UX</li>
<li>Disable rotation support</li>
<li>Sign-in with Facebook broken</li>
<li>Tapping icon in the top right of search page crashes app</li>
<li>Articles show wrong author name</li>
<li>Application stops working when tapping a photo in a photo post or an attachment</li>
<li>Cannot play video in video post</li>
<li>Cannot edit blog posts</li>
<li>App crashes resuming from background</li>
<li>Modal loading doesn't complete for post list</li>
<li>Long topic title shouldn't get cut off too early</li>
<li>App stops working when selecting prefix</li>
<li>Special content types don't display until page is reloaded</li>
<li>vB4: Tapping a category crashes app</li>
<li>App crashes tapping on an inbox message</li>
<li>Creating an article requires a category, and then crashes the app when attempting to view the article</li>
<li>vB4: Adding photo to album from device crashes app</li>
<li>vB4: No way to create a new album</li>
<li>Search cannot find thread's replies</li>
<li>App doesn't submit the correct selection from the Spinner View of custom field</li>
<li>Missing FB login dividing line</li>
<li>Keyboard overlaps button Login issue</li>
<li>Touch outside will close Keyboard</li>
<li>Article content doesn't show attached image</li>
<li>Search filter issues</li>
<li>Disable flag Blog/Photo comment in vB4</li>
<li>Nothing happens when tapping link in a link post</li>
<li>Hide Post comment icon for vb4 forum</li>
<li>&quot;Categories&quot; and &quot;Section&quot; selectors are incorrect for article publishing in vB5 app</li>
<li>Enter password for Forum require password</li>
<li>&quot;Publish on&quot; interface is unresponsive for a while</li>
<li>Dates on Activity page are +1 month than the actual date</li>
<li>vB4: Ignore in user profiles fails with api_version_too_high error</li>
<li>vB5 Articles shouldn't have Sections tab</li>
<li>Attached images does not appear when open threads. They only appeae after klicking on the thread text or username.</li>
<li>Inline moderation and poll checkboxes not visible (same color as background)</li>
<li>Tap to refresh the list of in-app notifications</li>
<li>Login background color</li>
<li>No way to distinguish soft deleted and unapproved topics in topic list</li>
<li>Buttons re-appear when scrolling up while moderation is enabled</li>
<li>Wrong phrase displayed on friends page</li>

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