iOS 10 adoption rate surges past 50 percent in less than a month


More than half of Apple’s iDevices are now running the latest version of iOS according to official data from Apple.

On its developer support website, Apple notes that 54 percent of devices that have accessed the App Store as of October 7 were using iOS 10. That’s an impressive accomplishment considering the update arrived less than a month ago although it’s a bit lower than third-party estimates from Fiksu and Mixpanel which pinned adoption at 66.7 percent and 65.38 percent, respectively.

Apple’s data also reveals that 38 percent of iDevices were running iOS 9 as of October 7 with the remaining eight percent of devices using iOS 8 or earlier.

As TechCrunch highlights, Apple didn’t prompt existing iDevice users to upgrade to iOS 10 until two weeks after the operating system launched in an effort to reduce the strain on its infrastructure and its Apple Care support teams.


To put the figures into perspective, Google’s latest mobile OS – Android Nougat – was officially released on August 22 but hasn't made a blip on the Android developer dashboard. In fairness, Google’s data is a bit outdated as it was last collected during a seven-day period ending on September 5.

That said, iOS 10 adoption is higher than Android Marshmallow (18.7 percent) which launched a year ago and Lollipop (35 percent) that came out in 2014. In fact, iOS 10 distribution tops those two versions combined.

Source: iOS 10 adoption rate surges past 50 percent in less than a month