iPad 2 coming in January, Light Peak MBP in April?


Rumors about the iPad 2 have been flying across the Internet as of late and it doesn't look like they are stopping anytime soon. While the next iPad is rumored to have a new screen, new touch technology, and a lighter design, one source is pegging the release for January of 2011.

EdibleApple.com is claiming that Apple will hold two press events inr Q1 of 2011. At the first event in January, Apple will unveil a new iPad with a "front and rear facing camera" and increased specs. A relatively safe bet for an iPad 2 prediction, but the January announcement is a new development.

Also claimed is that Apple will be unveiling a new MacBook Pro in April with many new features. "The new MacBook Pros will move to solid state storage, up to 512GB, remove the optical drive, and we believe light-peak is being pushed to make it’s first-ever entrance into the market, another Apple exclusive".

If true, this will help to separate the MacBook Pro from its younger brother the MacBook. Apple has typically been on the leading edge of killing outdated formats as they were among the first to remove the floppy drive from their PCs. Apple has already started this trend by showing that the MacBook Air is a fully capable machine that does not need an optical drive.

Finally a major revision to Final Cut Pro is expected to be unveiled in Q1. A user reportedly emailed Jobs asking about an update to the platform which Jobs replied, "stay tuned and buckle up." As with any rumor, take it with a grain of salt.


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Well, I hope that the iPad 1st Gen isn't going to be missing out on iOS features just like the iPod Touch 2nd Gen.

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