iPad 2 goes into home console gaming territory


If console gaming and handheld gaming got together and collaborated to produce something awesome, this would likely be one of the first real tests of that relationship. So you've got a nice HDTV at home for your console gaming needs, except your console's stuck in your electronics cabinet or stand with a stack of game discs lying nearby. You've also got a mobile phone or a tablet to bring with you on the go, so you can play some racing game on the subway while a few of your fellow commuters looks at you with an odd stare.

What about the best of both? You'd like your games to go with you, but you prefer a large screen to game on, and you'd rather do it all in the privacy of your own home. If these are your wishes, check this out:


A teaser posted on Australian developer Firemint's blog demonstrates an upcoming update to their iPad 2 racing game, Real Racing 2 HD. The new addition here is taking advantage of 1080p output support offered by iPad 2. But instead of simply mirroring the image from the iPad 2 to the television, the action is shown on-screen and the iPad 2's display shows statistics and an overview map. In essence, the iPad 2 is the (informative) steering wheel of a gaming console.

We'd imagine other racing games appearing on the iPad 2 may choose to do away with the map and replace it with a realistic dashboard, complete with an animated steering wheel, gears, pedals, an instrumentation panel, and a honkable horn.

For now, the real downside of this arrangement is finding a long enough HDMI cable to string your HDTV and iPad 2 together. In addition, HDMI cables are far thicker than ordinary controller cables for gaming consoles. Perhaps a wireless solution should be in Apple's pipeline in the near future.

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