iPhone 5 to have aluminium rear and new antenna?


After facing a lot of issues with the scratched iPhone 4's, Apple are, according to a Chinese source, planning to use aluminium for the rear part of the iPhone 5; this move would take the iPhone back to its roots and closer to the iPod Touch 4G. The decision to change to a metal base instead of glass will make the existing complaints of the phone being heavy and easy to damage a thing of the past, however this might change when the phone is released to the masses.

The current side mounted antennas on the iPhone 4 have also been abandoned, instead there will be a single point on the rear of the phone underneath the Apple logo. The idea behind this is to make WiFi and mobile signal much easier to penetrate the phone, which also takes care of the complaints about reception.

"We don't comment on rumour or speculation" said an Apple representative when asked for a comment, hardly surprising as Apple are notorious for not commenting on rumours.

The article also mentions how the new model of this phone will be powered; using the Apple iPad 2 Cortex A9-based A5 multi core processor. With the Android market in direct competition might give the worlds second largest company the upper hand in the mobile market.

Keeping up with previous release dates, the iPhone 5 is most likely to be released at the WWDC in June or July this year.

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