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iPhone and Facebook credits

Discussion in 'General Software' started by dirtydog, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. dirtydog

    dirtydog New Member

    Have you tried out programs that offer free Facebook credits? How do you think Facebook is going to react to the surge in apps that offer rewards in credits?

    I used Viggle, which awards gift card codes for Facebook rather than the actual credits so I am sure they get their money for that. But I also use Appdog which awards "bones" that are turned in at a rate of 10 bones is 1 FB credit and have earned over 200 FB credits (that's 2000 bones) in a week just for trying out developers apps...do you think Facebook appreciates this? What's your opinions on these programs in general?
  2. youredthiswrong

    youredthiswrong New Member

    Facebook credits are not really that big of a deal for Facebook. You just use them in apps and games, not even for ads, which is their main source of income. And if apps are offering free credits, Facebook must already be aware of it and may be getting something in return for that.

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