iTunes could get a big overhaul by end of 2012


Apple is reportedly working on a big makeover of its iTunes download store. Bloomberg reports, via unnamed sources, that the changes are some of the biggest for iTunes since it first launched in 2003. The overhaul of iTunes is expected to be made before the end of 2012. Apple has yet to comment on these reports.

The story claims that Apple has plans to link the new version of iTunes more with its iCloud online file storage service. This might allow users to access the videos, music and apps from iTunes across multiple devices more easily. In addition, the story claims that the new version of iTunes could let users share their music more easily with others.

This kind of a feature would likely have to be approved by the major music labels. Bloomberg claims that Apple has been in talks with those big music publishers to secure the rights that would allow the sharing of songs for some kind of fee.

While iTunes remains the biggest single outlet for the purchases of digital music, Apple has seen more competition lately from the likes of streaming music services such as Pandora and Spotify. Microsoft is also planning to launch its Xbox Music service later this year that could offer both download and streaming music options.

Source: Bloomberg


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This makes a lot of sense, actually. Considering that the new iDevices are going to require new accessories due to the changes in the port, they might as well go and change the service as well.


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Not could. Will. And it's about time.

Big props to Google and their Google Play marketplace. They're forcing Apple's hand and I'm thankful for it as a long time iTunes user. Will be interesting to how they follow suit with the social sharing stuff that the recently announced Google Q device will have. That said, I hope they focus on their core competencies and add in more music management tools to iTunes. Native mp3 lookup/tagging would be at the top of my list.


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Oh, didn't know that iTunes was heading for a full on intense upgrade and remodeling. That should be fascinating. I have to agree as an Apple iPod user for years now, it is probably about time, especially when it comes to allowing for shared music amongst friends and family. It seems a little silly that even within the same family for individual iTunes accounts, there is limited sharing. If we were publishing CDs for each of the artists we could allow friends and family to borrow it or even sell it back to someone when we've grown sick of it. That is part of what I have not liked about the entire movement towards digital. It does give a sense of immediate satisfaction in obtaining what you want, but there is little tangency to the product. I can't sell back my electronic purchase of music from iTunes. However, I do believe (at least some) reflect this difference in a CD was typically $5 - $10 more expensive than that of the electronic version from iTunes. This is reasonable considering the materials and processing fees into manufacture of the CDs.

Now, I'm not sure exactly what the Google Play system has that forced Apple to play this hand and get on the ball. However, I have also not dabbled in Google's Play store as of yet. I was a little baffled and taken aback when I went to upgrade the apps on my Android and suddenly everything was all fancy and Windows phone looking.

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