Microsoft and Apple working together to fix iPad Hotmail iss


Microsoft's web-based email service Hotmail has been facing issues when users attempt to use it on Apple's recently released iPad device. Computerworld is reporting users have complained composing new messages and replying to emails causes the iPad's Safari browser to freeze and not allow users to access the message input area.

Hotmail program manager Mike Schackwitz recognised there was a problem surrounding the ability to create messages. "We're working with Apple to understand the issues, and we'll fix them as quickly as possible."

Posts on Apple's support forum said issues for Hotmail on the iPad have existed since as early as April 6, only three days after the release of device in the U.S. Most users on the forum have said they are able to retrieve their messages using the iPads Mail app accessing the Hotmail service as a POP account.

Schackwitz announced in a blog post that all iPad traffic to Hotmail would be redirected to the mobile Hotmail website which is designed primarily for smaller screens seen on devices such as smartphones. He also reiterated suggestions from the Apple support forum saying the iPad mail client was a viable alternative to users using POP to download their mail.

Microsoft has not announced a patch timeline and gave no hints as to when iPad users will be able to access the web interface of Hotmail.


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