Microsoft confirms SQL Server 2012 launch date, will cost you more


Microsoft has confirmed that March 7th will be the launch date for SQl Server 2012. On top of that, SQL Server 2012 will cost you more money than previous versions. The launch will also feature an online event with speakers and over 30 technical sessions.

According to a new report, SQL Sever 2012 will be available in three SKUs and will be launched on the 7th of March. During the launch, there will be an online event with speakers and over 30 technical sessions going over the new features of SQL Server 2012.

SQL Server Workgroup edition has also been replaced by the Business Intelligence edition and will include all the features of Standard edition. The Enterprise edition will feature all the capabilities found in the Business Intelligence edition.

So what are the new features? We will see tabular modelling which will offer in-memory databases that support business intelligence analysis. We also get to see a new interactive visualization and reporting client. SQL Server 2012 will also handle larger and unstructured workloads.

Microsoft is also stating that you will be paying more money for SQL Server 2012 Enterprise edition as well as the Business Intelligence edition due to new features that allow you to deploy mission-critical databases.

Microsoft has said here (PDF) that you'll likely pay more for SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition and BI Edition but tried to cushion that by explaining you'll benefit from new capabilities to deploy mission-critical databases. The company has not said how much more you'll pay.