Microsoft releases Xbox Live Extras update for Windows Phone


The first Xbox Live Extras update for Windows Phone 7 has gone live and can be downloaded directly from the Windows Phone Marketplace. When it is available to you, a number will show up in the Marketplace hub showing that a new update has been released. As many of you would have read, since the Windows Phone 7 launch last week, many HTC based devices have not been able to access one of the main features of the phone, Xbox Live Extras.

The problems got so bad that Microsoft pulled the application due to loads of one star ratings and many poor reviews left by users. The free download had been out for a few days but most HTC users who have downloaded it, found that the application would just crash on launch. There have also been some other Xbox Live related crashes too with achievements not loading and other more minor issues.

There were no specific details about what has been fixed but the version number is now at 1.1 and is working perfectly on my current HTC Trophy Windows Phone 7 device. The Xbox Live! Extras application allows you to edit your avatar, view your friends online, and send Xbox Live! Messages, check out your latest achievements and more. Let us know if the problems have now been fixed if you own any Windows Phone 7 devices.

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