Microsoft shows off IE10 platform preview on video


It wasn't that long ago that Microsoft released IE9 to the general public. But why let IE9 slow down the development of IE10? On that front, Microsoft has posted up an IE 10 platform preview video.

Microsoft posted the video on their Channel9 website and is currently developing the platform and looking for user feedback. Microsoft states:

IE10 builds on IE9 with support for even more standards like CSS3 gradients, multi-column, and grid layouts. In this video Rob Mauceri walks us through some of the new features of IE10 including an example of flowing of content in multi-column layouts.
More information is expected to be discussed this week about IE10 at the MIX conference currently going on in Las Vegas. You can view the video below and let us know your thoughts about what Microsoft should include (or exclude) in IE10.

You can obtain a copy of the IE10 platform preview by visiting the IE Testdrive website, Microsoft is expecting to update the build every 12 weeks.


Graphic Designer
This is dumb. Why would MS release IE10 with the same flaw as IE9!? More people uses Windows XP and are NOT allowed to use IE9, let alone IE10. Though I am happy they are creating some great features for IE10 which will make a developers job so much easier, I still see us having to create extra scripts for IE6, IE7 and IE8.

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