Microsoft starts collecting European Bing Maps


Microsoft starts collecting European Bing Maps Streetside imagery with privacy in mind

Microsoft revealed on Monday that it has started to collect Bing Maps Streetside imagery in the UK.

The first set of cars are currently driving around the streets of London collecting imagery that the software giant will use for Bing Maps. “Microsoft is basically saying that we think location based services are going to be really really important,” explains Microsoft’s Dave Coplin. “Not so much in the way we think about them today” said Coplin in an interview with WinRumors on Monday. Dave Coplin, director of search for Microsoft UK, compares Bing’s Streetside imagery to its main competitor, Google. “One of the conversations we often have is why are you doing this? Why don’t you just buy the stuff off Google?” Coplin explains that Microsoft needs to be in the competitive market and create its own strategic assets.

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