Microsoft to improve Kinect accuracy and block sex games


Microsoft is said to be working on improving the accuracy of the Kinect Xbox 360 add-on whilst promising to block sex games using the device.

Microsoft Kinect developers are currently working on creating an improved compression and switching technology that will allow the Kinect to process larger amounts of data to the Xbox 360. The current issue with Kinect is that the USB controller interface is only currently using 15 MBps when it is capable of around 35 MBps according to Eurogamer.

Microsoft is currently working on ways to improve the USB bandwidth without affecting other devices connected to the Xbox 360. The software giant could also double the depth the sensor uses to detect movement. The sensor currently works at 30 frames per second and with a 320×340 resolution limit. Eurogamer suggests that at 640×480 the Kinect could begin to detect fingers and hand rotation and effectively quadruple its accuracy.

In other Kinect news, Microsoft said it will block software developer ThriXXX from releasing new Kinect software on the Xbox 360. ThriXXX had planned to offer a sex game that allow players to use hand gestures, voice commands and objects to stimulate sexual acts. In a statement to the media, Microsoft said it would not condone such a game for Kinect. “This isn’t the first example of a technology being used in ways not intended by its manufacturer, and it won’t be the last,” a spokesperson said in a statement. “Microsoft did not authorize or license its technology for this use.”

You can see the video at the link below. The video is NSFW

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