Microsoft working on a FaceTime competitor for Windows Phone


Microsoft had a solid CES appearance with the announcement of many new key products. But sometimes it’s not what’s said at the main events but in side conversations that can provide a peek into the upcoming products from the company.

At a high profile event, a key WP7 employee delivered, in an off comment fashion, a few tips about where the platform may be headed. One feature that was discussed was that Microsoft is working on a FaceTime type like application for Windows Phone platform.

The application is expected to be bundled into Microsoft’s Live services so that it can be propagated onto many devices and platforms. When the question was posed about why they would not just use Skype , the response was that the FaceTime competitor will reach beyond the hand of Skype.

The news does not come as a major surprise as the idea is certainly plausible as Microsoft continues to fill out the feature set of the Windows Phone. The employee would not commit if the FaceTime like application would land on WP7 or WP8. It was hinted at, but not confirmed, that WP8 requirements may include a front facing camera.


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