Microsoft working on new Windows 8 activation protection


Microsoft is preparing a new version of its OEM BIOS activation for use in Windows 8, WinRumors has learned.

The protection allows PC makers and system builders to pre-activate copies of Windows for use on their hardware. OEM BIOS activation (OA) was originally introduced with Windows XP. Microsoft shipped OA version 2.0 with Windows Vista.

The software giant is now readying OA version 3.0 for Windows 8. According to sources familiar with the company’s plans, Microsoft is working on a key new technology that will enable it to protect against activation hackers. Illegal copies of Windows have been widely circulated thanks to mechanisms created to bypass Microsoft’s OEM activation certificates. Windows Vista and Windows 7, which both rely on OA version 2.0, have fallen victim to activation cracks and bypass methods. In July 2009, months before its release, Windows 7 was fully cracked and activated with an OEM master key. Microsoft is keen to avoid the same cracks with Windows 8.

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