Most used softwares


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Sitting on the computer we all keep using some software or the other. The most used software for me is
  • Google Chrome {Browsing}
  • Sticky Notes {The name says it all}
  • Skype {VOIP}
  • Photoshop CS5 {Graphics}
  • Garena {For Gaming}
What are your most softwares and why?


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My most used softwares would have to be...
Firefox - browsing, forums, etc
Skype - mainly for gaming purposes
iTunes - music
I use others as well but these I use on a daily basis.


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I use

Chrome (my #1 goto browser!)
Opera (only for email running in the background)
Sticky notes (to keep track of upcoming deadlines)
Blackboard (full time student)
Dropbox (I swear by this program! I love being able to access my computer files from anywhere)


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My most used programs are:
  1. Google Chrome
  2. Windows Live Messenger
  3. iTunes
  4. Mozilla Thunderbird
  5. Skype
  6. Live Help Desktop Messenger
  7. BitTorrent
  8. TweetDeck
  9. Facebook Messenger
  10. Dropbox


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For me it would be:

1: Google Chrome for web browsing and research. I don't think there's any time when my PC is on and Google Chrome isn't open. My only complaint is the rampant memory use.
2: Steam. Especially now that the summer sale is going on! I also use Steam to talk to all of my friends, so it's really handy to have it open.
3: Word. I write a lot. Whenever I'm not doing something else, I'm in Word working on a new project.


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For me it is

Google Chrome, well for internet
Acid music studio 7, to edit radio shows
Word, to write (how surprising)
Skype, because my family live in Belgium and Spain

I am not surprising at all :D

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